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Cambridge Family Lawyer - Several issues take place when you and your spouse choose to end your marriage or common-law relationship. It is important that you have sound legal counsel and understand the impact that your choices will have on you and on your family's future. Our company offers expert advice and counsel on such issues as custody, access, pension and property division, business property and debt division. Our firm is committed to providing you with the essential legal services you need to navigate through the family law procedure quickly and efficiently.

With whom would your children live? When would the children see the non-custodial parent? Who is responsible for financially support? Who would keep the matrimonial home? Who will be accountable for paying whichever debts incurred throughout the marriage? And, if you ran a family business, how would the business assets be divided?

Our firm will assist you in the preparation of a Separation Agreement which will provide comprehensive and clear answers to these questions. A formal written agreement is recommended so that you can be free to concentrate on your new life. This Separation Agreement, as soon as finalized, is a binding agreement on both parties.

This agreement could be included into the final Divorce Order. An uncontested divorce occurs if you and your spouse agree to divorce and have agreement regarding all major problems. An uncontested divorce could proceed quickly through a three-part application procedure. Our responsibility is to be able to help you in the preparation of all required documents and to file them quickly so that you can continue with your life.

When you and your spouse cannot agree on issues, we call this a contested divorce. Those problems can be addressed through settlement conferences, court proceedings, informal negotiations between parties and/or trials. Our lawyers can help you through all stages of the court process. Our objective is to protect your rights and advocate for the best interests of you and your love ones.

If a common-law relationship needs a different procedure regarding support, custody, pension division and property division issues. We can likewise help you with the termination of a common-law relationship connected problems.

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During the year 1973, the city of Cambridge was established as a merging of the cities and towns of Hespeler, Galt and Preston, and other areas of North Dumfries and Waterloo. Cambridge City was originally owned by the Six Nations Indians, that was later obtained by William Dickson. These days, the city is a cosmopolitan area which has a population of about 200,000. It is minutes away from metropolitan cities and near three international airports and three border crossings in the US.

The arts and culture scene within Cambridge is burgeoning with Christmas in Cambridge 2008, Libraries/Galleries, Hollywood Cambridge, Mayor's Celebration of the Arts, School of Architecture, The Cambridge Fire Museum and Education Centre, and Waterloo Regional Tourism Marketing Corporation...