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Cambridge Real Estate Lawyer - Our firm has broad knowledge dealing with all aspects of commercial real estate. Our legal professionals have the knowledge and expertise to guide our clients through different circumstances. We have built several long term relationships along with our clients, which include life insurance firms, lending institutions, crown corporations, various levels of government, land developers, contractors, property managers, asset managers, landlords and tenants.

A lot of managers of assets and portfolios and legal departments of huge organizations employ our services and estate group members to assist and advise them concerning the development, administration and acquisition of cross-country real estate portfolios. Interaction between professionals from other disciplines and our real estate professionals is common in order to ensure that our clients get quality service. Among the different disciplines consist of secured lending transactions, mergers and acquisitions transactions, big project and infrastructure financing transactions, and private-public partnerships.

The full service nature of our practice, combined with the experience and expertise of the professionals who work for us, enable us to quickly and efficiently come to a reasonable resolution to all of your legal real estate requirements.

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During the year 1973, the city of Cambridge was established as a merging of the cities and towns of Hespeler, Galt and Preston, and other areas of North Dumfries and Waterloo. Cambridge City was originally owned by the Six Nations Indians, that was later obtained by William Dickson. These days, the city is a cosmopolitan area which has a population of about 200,000. It is minutes away from metropolitan cities and near three international airports and three border crossings in the US.

The arts and culture scene within Cambridge is burgeoning with Christmas in Cambridge 2008, Libraries/Galleries, Hollywood Cambridge, Mayor's Celebration of the Arts, School of Architecture, The Cambridge Fire Museum and Education Centre, and Waterloo Regional Tourism Marketing Corporation...