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Corporate Law Firms in Cambridge - Our law firm has lots of banking and financial organizations in our clientele base since we have a lot of experienced and skilled lawyers expert within the various banking and finance laws.

Corporate clients can rely on our company to assist them in all areas of venture capital financing and secured transactions. This consists of private placements as well as public offerings. Our firm prepares several papers for our clients; comprise those for debt and equity financing, the issuing of debentures and shares, acquisitions, franchises, mergers, and restructuring.

Our company keeps a close eye on the evolving business climates worldwide, specially those in close proximity to the Pacific Rim. Our watchful eyes, along with our up-to-date understanding regarding worldwide law and trade agreements, makes us fully capable of advising clients in whichever case relating to international commerce.

Both creditors and debtors can come to our company for advice and services in the area of tax law, investments and securities.

The preparation of all purchase, sale and mortgage documentation is dealt with by our real estate practice. This comprises negotiations of conditions together with other solicitors as well as the handling of trust funds.

The needs of our clients are of highest priority to our company. We handle each of our situations efficiently and respectfully.

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Cambridge Lawyers

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Cambridge Lawyers

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During the year 1973, the city of Cambridge was established as a merging of the cities and towns of Hespeler, Galt and Preston, and other areas of North Dumfries and Waterloo. Cambridge City was originally owned by the Six Nations Indians, that was later obtained by William Dickson. These days, the city is a cosmopolitan area which has a population of about 200,000. It is minutes away from metropolitan cities and near three international airports and three border crossings in the US.

The arts and culture scene within Cambridge is burgeoning with Christmas in Cambridge 2008, Libraries/Galleries, Hollywood Cambridge, Mayor's Celebration of the Arts, School of Architecture, The Cambridge Fire Museum and Education Centre, and Waterloo Regional Tourism Marketing Corporation...